True View Display™ – a window to a real world

May 15, 2015

“You know you have developed the ultimate display when the users do not see it, but see through the display a realistic world in front of their eyes” said Reza Chaji, IGNIS Innovation Inc. President and CTO. To do so, the display needs to match the real world parameters such as high brightness, infinite contrast, wide colour gamut, high colour precision and smooth motions!

While the race to higher Pixels Per Inch (PPI) has become insane with no real practical difference for consumers, the other parameters such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) has been ignored for smartphones. There has been a good reason for it until now; No solution exists to offer such performance, but not anymore!

In addition to sluggish response time and poor black level, LCD displays are not practical for HDR smartphones. The backlight modulation increases the display’s thickness significantly! On the other hand, OLED displays can achieve the high brightness need for HDR but at a price of fast aging and high image sticking.

Today, we are pleased to announce IGNIS has developed the only viable HDR display with high contrast ratio, high frame rate, wide colour gamut, high colour precision and bit-depth for smartphones.

And we are calling it “True View Display™”

True View Display

The True View Display™ removes the boundary between reality and content making it a good candidate for enjoying realistic videos and images, immersing in games, and experiencing lifelike Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AG).

This has been the result of years of research and development carried on at IGNIS to enhance the quality and reliability of emissive displays. The IGNIS MaxLife™ solution not only improves the display quality, but also it assures it reliability under high brightness required for HDR.

IGNIS will demonstrate its HDR capable smartphone display at SID 2015 in San Jose, CA, June 1-4.