Display technology that lets you see the world as it really is

True View Display™

IGNIS True View Display technology accurately matches real world parameters including high brightness, infinite contrast, wide colour gamut, high colour precision and smooth motions. It presents the human eye with a similar range of luminance that is seen in everyday life.

Smartphone and other displays are faced with the need to increase brightness when under direct sunlight. Many will begin to washout the colours, resulting in a dull image, as the reach their maximum brightness level. For OLED displays, pushing the brightness to its maximum level creates additional challenges resulting in faster burn-in on the screen along with more localized thermal issues, fast aging and high image sticking.

Based on our Intelligent | Pixel and Max | Life technologies (slider image #2), True View resolves the issues of burn-in, thermal effect and washout, enabling the display to push in excess of 1000 nits.

IGNIS technologies for emissive displays dramatically increase yields and lifetimes while enhancing the viewer experience. They have been thoroughly tested and proven on different backplanes (metal oxide, Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon (LTPS), a-Si) and various OLEDs (printed, RGBW, RGB) and other types of emissive devices.